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Playbooks: Examples and best practices
Playbook example: Notify CS team of accounts visiting the 'Delete account'-danger zone
Playbook example: Notify CS team of accounts visiting the 'Delete account'-danger zone

This article creates a playbook that will act on accounts visiting the 'Danger zone'

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There is no clearer churn sign than a visit to the 'Delete account' area of your platform.

During trial, this could still be to check if that option is available. But after longer usage as a customer, it's reason to panic. This article offers an example of what a playbook designed to address this situation might look like.

Preliminary assumptions.

The concept revolves around initially identifying qualified accounts. In, the following steps should be taken:

  • You already should have identified (previously visited) the 'Delete account' area of your platform, so the screen is known to

In general, we also recommend you to check out general information about playbooks. See

Anatomy of the 'Delete account' screen playbook.

We will be constructing a playbook designed to notify the CS team, when a long-active customer visits the 'danger zone' and 'Delete account' areas. The final playbook will take on the following structure:

Entry Condition.

The entry condition for this playbook, checking if an account has been active for a while and looked at the 'Delete account' screen comes down to:

  • Checking if the account was first registered more than a certain period ago. E.g. 90 days.

  • Checking if the account has visited the 'Delete account' screen the last 24 hours.

  • Playbook should allow account to enter back, after 24 hours only!!

Main actions: Notification.

Once a 'Delete account'-candidate has been detected, lets warn the CS team.

Send a Slack notification, announcing a 'Delete account'-candidate.

Press the add action icon (+) and choose Slack action 'Send a message'.

A Slack popup will appear where you will be entering Slack channel, personalized message and a message color.

Goal Condition

There are no goal conditions, and no goal-reach, nor goal-not-reached actions to be performed!

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