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The connector

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Overview is an automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers who want more control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS.

Connecting to, we allow users to sync out PLG scores and any other properties, as well as trigger custom events.

Your marketeers will be able to start and exit campaigns both on changing properties as well as on specific incoming events.

How to connect

Go to your connections menu and click the '+' button. You'll find the connector under the 'all' or 'marketing automation' tabs :

A popup window will open and ask you for the following information (all easily copy-pasteable from your instance:

  • Name: A name, referenced throughout

  • Sire ID: The Site ID provided by

  • API Key: The API Key provided by

  • Region: The region in which your account is based.

These information can be found back in -> Settings -> Manage API credentials General settings

If you go to the 'Connections' menu and lick on 'Settings' on the panel, you'll see the general 'Connection' Tab

Here are the different settings:

  • Destination: If set, can be used as destination.

  • Name: Set/Edit a name for the connection. destination settings

If you go to the destination submenu, you can indicate which properties to sync out into

Using segments to limit which user and account properties will be sync'ed

When no segments are selected, will sync every user to To sync only a subset of users to, you can select one or more segments that will act as a filter.

Selecting properties

Simply select the properties for users and accounts you want to sync to

Companies in

By default, only comes with people, not accounts/companies. You have to set in Settings->Workspace settings->Custom Objects. You'll be able to create 1 (one!) Customer object which object_id should be 1. This will be the object in where accounts are sync'ed. Actions eventually allows to define product-led growth signals that trigger actions related to the installed connections. For each user meeting signal conditions, following actions can be triggered:

  • Trigger event: You can trigger a event, which will immediately execute actions in

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