Custom Scores

Create your own actionable business-specific scores.

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Each business has its own unique way of evaluating how well accounts and users are using (or progressing in using) their platform. While comes packed with default conversion, churn and health Scores, a business might have the need for additional Scores that define specifics of its platform. These custom Scores would provide additional dimensions on how Good, Bad or Normal an account or user is.

Some examples could be:

  • Customer fit score: While creates such score by default, rules still need to be implemented.

  • Onboarding score: A score could specify how well a new account is onboarding.

  • Malicious score: A score could specify how likely an account might be fake. allows its subscribers to create as much additional Scores as needed.

Custom Scores anatomy.

When accessing Settings โ†’ Scores, you can see existing Scores already created.

They are divided into system (non-editable) and custom (Editable) Scores.

Clicking on [a Good, Bad, Normal portion of] the score will bring you to a newly created segment that shows which accounts/users are in that specific Score segment.

Pressing the [+] button will allow you to create a new custom Score, where one will be asked to provide:

  • A name: Score name that will appear in 360 customer view and Inbox.

  • A set of rules, each with

    • Rule name: Rule name that will appear when someone hoovers over Score.

    • Rule weight: How much weight/impact should the rule have on the Score.

    • Rule conditions

Custom Scores throughout

Once scores defined, each account/user will be processed and the score will be shown in all contact-centric screens, such as 360 customer view.

Or in the Inbox side panel.

Custom Scores as computed properties, to be sync'ed across ecosystem apps.

Once scores defined, a new computed property will be created and updated each time contacts change.

And as with each property, you can choose to sync those to new records in any connected ecosystem app, in case they are created and updated. Here's an example on how you would map a score to a HubSpot (custom) field when e.g. a new task to being pushed to HubSpot.

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