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The Stripe connector
The Stripe connector

How to connect Stripe

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Stripe is a suite of APIs powering online payment processing and commerce solutions for internet businesses of all sizes.

With our Stripe connector you can:

  • See all customer data from Stripe, in one place! Quickly uncover each account's MRR and renewal date.

  • Run automated actions when renewal is coming up or when a customer cancels its subscription. And measure whether your actions achieve aspired expansion and retention goals.

  • Define lifecycle stages based on Stripe's subscription data, and push them downstream your engagement workflows, in your marketing automation, CRM and customer success systems. The Stripe data itself will automatically be synced as well.

How to connect Stripe

First, you'll need to install our Stripe app from the marketplace.

After installing our app you'll be redirected to the settings view:

You'll need a secret to prove that you access to the right account.

Go to your connections and click the Connect button under the Stripe logo:

Copy the secret displayed in the connect Stripe dialog:

If the secret is valid, you'll see that Stripe is connected:

Stripe source settings

Before we can sync data from Stripe to, you'll need to tell us a few things:

  • Which type of contact do your Stripe customers represent? Choose accounts if Stripe payment relates to a company, organization or group (even if linked to an owner). Choose users if Stripe payment information relates to only one user.

  • In which metadata key can we find your own ID? (In order to link the right customer with the right contact in The metadata key should be your own unique identifier for a user or account.

You can also opt in to create contacts in when they don't exist yet.

Setting up stages

Go to stage settings, let's use Trial -> Customer -> Churn as example:

  • For trials, the subscription status should be equal to "trialing"

  • For customers, the subscription status should be equal to "active", "incomplete", "incomplete_expired", "past_due" or "unpaid"

  • For churn, the subscription status should be equal to "canceled"

Showing MRR and renewal date

Go to business settings:

  • Choose Stripe's Subscription MRR as MRR

  • Choose Stripe's Subscription Current Period End as renewal date

Note: Only accounts support this right now

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