Slack is about the most popular messaging and collaboration app among SaaS companies. journy.io therefore decided to integrate to offer direct Slack notifications (in select channels) upon getting B2B product-led growth signals.

Your various teams will be receiving Slack notification when e.g. accounts see more than 50% of their users having more than 50% login dropdown in the last 7 days.

How to connect Slack

Go to your connections menu and click the 'Connect' button under the Slack logo:

Choose the Slack account that you want to connect to:

Upon Sign In and reviewing and accepting the permissions, you'll see that Slack is now connected, on top of your connections screen:

Slack General settings

If you go to the 'Connections' menu and click on 'Settings' on the Pipedrive panel, you'll see the general 'Connection' Tab

Here are the different settings:

  • Name: Set/Edit a name for the connection.

Slack logs

At any time, you can check the journy.io‚ÜíSlack log.

Slack Actions

journy.io eventually allows to define product-led growth signals that trigger actions related to the installed connections. For each user/account meeting signal conditions, following Slack actions can be triggered:

  • Send a message: Sends a formatted message to a Slack channel. You can also indicate which importance/colour indicator you like that message to have.

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