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The Calendly connector
The Calendly connector

How to connect Calendly to

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Calendly is a well-known and -used scheduling app for SaaS companies. therefore decided to offer a basic integration to get Calendly scheduling events, for the purpose of making B2B conditions to identify product-qualified or marketing-qualified leads.

Example: You could choose an account condition, where at least 50% of the account's users have scheduled a training (through Calendly)....and send all users a training discount email through MailChimp, while adding a follow-up task on company level in HubSpot.

How to connect Calendly

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Connecting a FREE Calendly account will not work, as Calendly blocks all API access. So you'll need at least a paying Calendly account.

Go to your connections menu and click the 'Connect' button under the Calendly logo:

Log into your Calendly account and accept permissions:

You'll see that Calendly is now connected, on top of your connections screen:

Calendly General settings

If you go to the 'Connections' menu and click on 'Settings' on the Calendly panel, you'll see the general 'Connection' Tab

Here are the different settings:

  • Source: When set, indicated whether Calendly can be used as source.

  • Name: Set/Edit a name for the connection.

Calendly source settings

In the source settings you can choose to:

  • Create contact if none exists: If set, create user in when a new contact schedules a Calendly meeting.

Two new events 'Meeting created' and 'Meeting canceled' will be created and added to the users when respectfully user has scheduled or canceled a Calendly meeting.

Calendly logs

At any time, you can check the Calendly↔ logs when something unexpected happen.

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