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Just as source properties are being pushed from sources, so are events. But while properties are being separately set for accounts and users, and —best comparable to variable instances in a programming language— represents a certain value for a certain key attribute, events indicate certain timeline actions occurred. Since these events often represent the bases for computed properties —e.g. count amount of logins for the last 7 days and compare it to the previous 7— it is extremely important they are managed correctly.

An event is linked to either 1 user, either 1 account, or both 1 user and 1 account.

When a developer decides to tell that a user or an account has performed a certain important action, or used a feature, he can do so using our Events APIs.

Auto-discovery, and changing Event details

Sources are sending events to Upon defining app sources, the option is being given to "Add events and update properties for contacts".

If set, sources will be able to push events any way they choose, at random. If event (names) were not already previously defined in, a new event will automatically be added.

When event are being created in, the developer defines the Event name through the event API. Then gives a random color to the event, the Event is set to be included to contact activities, and the group remains blank.

By pressing edit on an event, here's what you'll be able to change:

  • Event Name.

  • Event description.

  • Event group: Group to which the event logically belongs. (You can choose to later drag-and-drop events from one group to another!)

  • Event Colour.

  • Select whether Event should be Excluded from contact activities.

    ⚠️ If 'Excluded from activities' is set, Events will be processed, and show up in the timeline, however will not be taken into account for all analytics and properties related to activities. E.g. 'Last seen' property will not be updated!

Archive an event, and restore from archive

If you don't want an event to be counted into's event scheme, you can easily archive it. Archived events will be kept in the Event archive, where you can restore.if needed again.

Here's what you need to do to archive an event:

  • Go to the Events you want to archive and press the archive button.

  • Press 'Archive'.

You'll see the event disappear from the list.

To un-archive the event,

  • press the most-right 'Archive' button.

  • Hoover over the event from the archive list you want to un-archive.

  • Press the Un-archive button. It will disappear from the list, and appear in the event list again...

Finally, you can quickly drag and drop events from one group to another.

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