How to manually tag users and accounts for manual signal actions

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Sometimes it is hard to define rules for a selection of users or accounts. Well, at least, im some cases it is way more easier to just quickly select a few users and accounts and tag them, than starting to create rules for segments. That is why journy.io allows each user or account to be randomly tagged.

By selecting users or accounts, you can manually tag resources for later activities

How does a user or account get tagged?

To start tagging contacts, simply:

  • Go to the overview page of users or accounts. It doesn't matter if its a segmented or filtered overview

  • Select the users or accounts you want to tag (or untag!)

  • Press either [Add Tag] or [Remove Tag] button and select the tag you want to add/remove

  • You can choose '+ Add tag' in the [Add Tag] menu to define a new tag

How to delete a tag from the system alltogether?

To delete a tag out of the system, simply:

  • Go to Settings -> Tags

  • Hover over the tag you want to delete, and press the [trash] button

  • Press confirm and the tag will be deleted everywhere

This means that every user or account that had that tag added, will have it automatically removed. This will initiate sync'ing where mapped.

Tags as actionable field in the tools you already use

Tags property available in your data catalog

journy.io automatically adds a computed property 'Tags' to each user and account, and fills in the values of the different tags as multiple entries separated by a CR (carriage-return character). As with all properties, it can be sync'ed to the proper connections where the 'Tags' property was mapped to a custom destination field. If that customer destination field is of type single line, the various values will be separated by a space " ". If it's a multi-line field, a carriage-return character will be used and each value will appear as a separate entry.

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