What is journy.io

In this article, we explain the basics, yet most Important terms and concepts about journy.io that you should be familiar with.

Simply put, you add sources to journy.io that will generate events and (native) properties for both accounts and users. This practically represents what’s happening in your site or in your app. Through journy.io's UI, you are able to easily build intelligence, based on these events and native properties. We call this intelligence also properties, be it computed properties. Finally, you'll want to send both native and computed properties to your destinations of choice. Unlike many other CDP's we support every tool that deals with (account and user) fields, not only specific apps who deals with events.

The journy.io platform

The journy.io platform

The platform allows you to:

Collect and Unify
Add sources to the platform that will allow you to:
Identify accounts and users.
Map which users belong to which accounts. Next to accounts holding different users, one user can belong to different accounts.
Push properties for users and accounts
Push events for users, accounts, and the unique combination of (user, account)

Same users on different sources will be automatically unified through either their email address, or their external unique ID. The latter is the ID that you're using internally in your apps. Same accounts on different sources will be automatically unified through their exact case-sensitive name, website domain, or their external unique IDs.

From the properties and events that sources push into the platform, you will be able to easily define computed properties, through simple UI instructions.

Example: By selecting {category: event, event: login, function: % difference, timeframe: last 7 days} you will calculate a property that gives you the difference in login frequency between last 7 days and the previous 7 days. The outcome will be between -100% and +100%.

Add destinations to the platform, and map both native source- and computed properties to custom fields, defined in the destination app. The platform will sync as fast as the destination allows for it.

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