Setting up your account

There are two ways to get started with

You can sign up for a demo on our website
You can immediately create an account on our website

Registration Page

If you choose to immediately create an account, we highly suggest that you schedule an onboarding call with us so that we can help you set things up correctly. It's truly not that difficult to do it yourself, yet, it is as extremely important that is is done correctly as any mistake might lead to a wrong impression of what value can bring!

Team Management

Inviting a New User
In order to invite a new user, go to your Settings->Team Management tab to invite a user via email. The person you invited will receive an email to join your Organization.

Joining an Existing Organization
If a colleague or team members with same email extension has already created a account, you will be prompt of that account and left with the choice to join the existing one or create a new account. Once you receive the invitation in your email, all you have to do is confirm.

Tip: offers free onboarding! 🚀 Go to the Onboarding Page and book your 60 minute spot!
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