See how single campaigns contribute to your business

Selecting the campaign.

Go to the left main navigation menu and click on campaigns. You now see all campaigns, grouped into campaign groups. To add, edit or remove a campaign, please check <this article>.
Press on the campaign card you want to see the details of. (You can click anywhere on the card, except on the <...>-button)
You now see the campaign-specific details on how the campaign performed during the selected timeframe.

Campaign Detail View

Campaign detail screen elements

On top of the screen, you'll see a time graph showing how the campaign performed on different hours/days/weeks (depending on timeframe selected).
Hovering over the graph reveals specific details for that hour/day/week.

Underneath the graph, you'll find 2 top-10 lists: associated sources and related events.
The associated sources list tells you which sources were most associated to the campaign, in the selected time frame.
The related events list informs you what events most occurred from traffic related to the campaign, again in the selected time frame.

On the bottom of the screen, you'll find the devices and OS area, where you can find out which devices and OS visitors related to selected campaign during selected time were operating on.
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