Properties Overview.

This overview handles about the data set for either accounts or users. Properties can either be set by sources, as native source properties, or can be computed by as computed properties. Both (types of) properties will eventually be the field names that are mapped against destination fields. The values of these mapped fields (for each account and user) will eventually be synchronised to the matching users and accounts in each active destination.

Properties Overview

Native Source Properties

Source properties can automatically be defined and set by a source, if it has the option "Add events and update properties for contacts" selected in the source definition. See Adding an application source. The only requirement for development is calling the Upsert API for either user or account. See Upsert API call.

If a source does not have the option enabled, it can only update existing properties, manually set through the UI.

Computed Properties

Computed properties are properties that are computed by, upon changes in account and user journeys. This is core building block for contextual and behavioural intelligence in

Contextual intelligence is computed by processing various visitor environment parameters.
Best_Channel = 'facebook'
Last_Ad = 'Ad_USP2'
Most_Influencing_Ad = 'Ad_USP3'
Ad_Profile = 'BuyerPersona3'
Most_Used_Device = 'mobile'
Visit_before_Submission = 4
Most_Viewed_Page = '/feature3'
Most_Read_Page = '/blog/article2'
Viewed_Pricing_Page = true
Last_Seen = '2020-03-09 16:05:07'

Behavioural intelligence is computed by comparing a visitor's journey against all others.
Likelihood2Buy = 78.24%
Likelihood2Churn = 3.27%
Customer_Lookalike = 'Jane Doe'
Company_Lookalike = 'ACME INC'
Best_Next_Event = 'app-feature12'
Best_Next_Content = '/feature4'
Best_Next_Ad = 'Ad-USP3'
Estimated_Time2Convert = 42.23h
Engagement_Delta_7days = +57%
Estimated_Plan = 'Professional'
Estimated_MRR = €299
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