I'm seeing a blank attribution screen! What now?

The attribution screen will visualise your journeys' touchpoints for a given date, between two event. Not seeing any entry in the screen means no touchpoints had been registered for the chosen date between the 2 choosen events. Here are the potential reasons why you wouldn't see any entry.

Check the date range?

The easiest way to check if touchpoints were registered is to set the date range to the largest possible. For most, that would be "last year". If still no entries, this more-than-probably means you did not record any touchpoints and your tracking might not be working.

Check the provided events?

Within the attribution screen, you will choose to see the touchpoints between 2 events. If those events were specifically selected, yet not triggered (e.g. "pricing page visit" and "sign-up"), you will not see any data. Best to select "first touch" to "last touch" to see every touchpoint where "last touch" was in selected date.

Is your tracker working?

When you tried all of the above —largest date selected and attribution between "first touch" and "last touch" selected— your tracker was not properly installed. Please go to settings -> Trackers
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