Identifying visitors when using ActiveCampaign

Requirements before proceeding.

To start identifying users with ActiveCampaign, you should have ''Identify users with URL parameter?" activated in your business settings. To know more about that, please visit Tracking, using URL Query Parameters and the Advanced Tracking URL
For the following examples, we shall assume the following settings:
tracking URL Paramter is simply '&email='

To fill in the identification URL parameter, each application has its own settings.
The variable representing the user's email (also called Personalization Tags) used in ActiveCampaign is %EMAIL%
The full URL for identifying the user thus becomes

Identifying visitors in email links and buttons.
Users receive emails with clear CTA buttons, and tons of side buttons and URL links. You can identify users who are clicking on any of these buttons/links, by adding the tracking URL parameter to each target URL.

Here's an example how you would change a button in ActiveCampaign:

Identifying visitors when submitting ActiveCampaign forms.
Website visitors often fill in embedded forms on a website, including its email address. In order for to identify these users, you can redirect the users to a thank-you page upon submitting the form.
When using ActiveCampaign forms, this is done by setting up the button/link URL with appropriate URL Query parameters.

Here's an example on how you would change the confirmation form:
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