How to quickly add channels from 'Others' undefined traffic operates through 'defined' channels, campaigns, events. All other traffic is being regarded as 'Others'.

E.g. when new traffic from DuckDuckGo search is entering, it will list that touchpoint in the different screens as 'Others' until you explicitly define it as being 'DuckDuckGo'. This to avoid having too much listings which are unimportant to your business.
For traffic known by, simply because lots of users encounter the same referrers and UTM query parameters, yet not yet defined in your own setup, there is a quick way to add the new channel. Once added, not only the incoming referrer of UTM parameters will be defined, but also all other known referrers and UTM parameters

Quickly add known, yet still undefined channels.

Go to 'Others' on the main menu.
Select Channels
If you know the traffic channel name, type it in the search bar.
Go to the proper listing and click the icon or press the '+' button and select 'Add <name channel>'

In above example, we have recognised 'known' traffic from AOL Search coming in, yet a AOL channel has not been created yet.

Pressing on the recognised logo, a confirmation popup will appear.

Pressing on AOL logo will ask you to confirm adding the AOL Search channel.

Confirming adding the channel, will remove ALL 'Others' list entries related to that channel, and a new channel with ALL related referrers and utm parameters will have been added.

A new channel was created with all referrers and utm parameters, not only the ones previously in 'Others' auto-detected traffic.
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