How to change you plan and register your billing details

Go to Settings -> Billing and Upgrade has a simple transparent pricing model, based on amount of contacts and history lookback window.

Billing info

When selecting a paying plan, asks you to fill in your billing details.

Press 'Save billing info' to save your billing details.

Depending on your country, you will be redirected to the correct local pricing, in USD, EUR or GBP.

VAT number

You then have the option to enter a VAT number. Depending on the country (being from Belgium or not), may charge you 21% VAT.
For countries within the EU, a VAT number is still required.

Credit Card details

For paying plans, a credit card is required. Here's where you enter the details.


On the last section of the 'Billing and Upgrade' page, you'll find your invoices.

Clicking 'View invoice' will bring you to the invoice page, which will allow you to download the specific invoice.

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