Health profiles

Health profiles, defining rules for good and bad (and thus also normal) health

Overview allows each user to be regarded as a good, normal or bad user, depending on how he's progressing in his/her journey. The same is true for accounts. And since defining good or bad —and thus normal, if none of the good and bad rules apply— is abstract and depends on any possible interaction, we've made the rules extremely flexible.

To start, allows health to be immediately depending on the lifecycle stage a user or account is in. One can define several health profiles, (if it makes sense) one per stage, each with its own good and bad rules. Then, you can easily associate each stage to its health profile.

How does a user or account get its health?

Go to Settings -> Health
Create or choose the health profile you want to define rules for
Create and update the rules for 'good' and 'bad' health
Press 'Update Health Profile'

A health profile incudes rules for good and bad health. First, a user or account will be checked for meeting good health rules. If that is not the case, bad health rules are checked. Normal health is achieved when neither good or bad health rules are met.

Health scores

Health doesn't have to be that digital. Next to defining rules for good and bad (and normal) health, also offers the possibility to calculate health scores, between 0 and 100%. Look for Scores to understand how this is done.

Even when preferring health scores over health rules, it is a powerful feature to be able to combine both. You simply can define health scores for different situations, and use the proper score for the proper health profile and stage. A 'good' health rule may look then like [property 'health score'] [greater than] [75%]

Health as actionable field in the tools you already use

Health property available in your data catalog automatically adds a computed property 'Health' to each user and account, and fills in the values "Good", "Bad" and "Normal". As with all properties, it can be sync'ed to the proper connections where the 'Health' property was mapped to a custom destination field.

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