From incoming data to your AHA-moment

This guide will walk you through some usage basics, show you how to find interesting customer segments and help you setup your first signals and actions. If you don't yet have an account, you can signup here, and if you are setting up an account for the first time or need to configure Integrations, please visit New Account Setup.

Find your first user
A great way to get a feel for the data in your account is to view an individual user. Try searching for a user that's top of mind.

Search, right from the main menu

Clicking on an individual user will take you into a timeline of their engagement and display properties we receive from connected integrations.

User details

Create a Segment
Now let's create a Segment to find other high-value users. Segments can be filtered by any datapoint possible and sorted by what is important to you. See if you can create a segment of all users belonging to "The Beatles".

Segment creation, while getting immediate results

Setup a signal
Now that we have an understanding of what data is available in, let's put it to work in a signal. You can setup conditions using any event, screen, property, datapoint that we have seen. Try to create a Slack action that notifies a channel whenever there is a new signup.


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