Connecting your platform natively (back-end API/SDK)

Here's what you need to do step by step:
Press the [ + ] button in the upper right corner.
Choose "Application" as source.
Enter App name: Provide a name for your app.
Add events and update properties for contacts: Select if the app will be able to add properties and events to the scheme. If not selected, your app will only be allowed to update previously defined properties, and trigger previously-defined event types.
Retrieve tracking snippet for websites: Specify if the app will be able to perform cross-app-web tracking. If the option is set, you'll be able to use your own loggin screen as both back-end and front-end identification, and track the user's previous web interactions.
Press "Create Application" button
A new window opens with the secret API Key
Press the key to copy it to the clipboard. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe, as this is they key with which you' send customer data and events to
Press "I securely stored the API key" button

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